Automated Machine Tending

Automated machine tending solutions allow manufacturers to run machines autonomously, allowing for optimized throughput and increased quality.

Machine tending automation is the unmanned operation of industrial machines. The robotic tender continuously feeds and removes parts from the tended machine minimizing cycle times, whilst optimizing throughput.

The key to the success of the automated machine tending system is how the systems are configured and integrated. The connection of the machines together with the programming and fitting enables manufacturers to get the most out of their machinery.

For nearly a decade Advanced Automation has used its unique capabilities to develop and optimize automated, robotic machine tending systems. A typical Advanced Automation machine tending system incorporates a robot manipulator, an enclosure, a custom fixture to load and remove the parts, as well as any desired automated inspection, cleaning, or documenting systems.

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Turn-Key Automated Machine Tending

The MTS-C is a compact flexible machine tending cell designed to automatically load and unload CNC machines or similar processes unattended 24/7. Secondary processes such as inspection and part deburring can be incorporated into the robotic process. All models can be tailored to suit individual customer applications.

All Advanced Automation turnkey solutions reduce worker fatigue, improve efficiency, and increase part quality. They feature a large 23in operator interface and PLd/e Integrated Safety.

MTS-C Compact, Automated Machine Tending System

Compact, Turn-key automated manufacturing system. Used for CNC Machine tending. Can be paired with CMS for automated quality inspections.

MTS-CS Compact, Automated Machine Tending System with Shelf

All of the performance of the MTS-C with a shelf-based system for loading work trays.

MTS-E Compact Queuing System

Dramatically increase run times of tended machinery with our compact stacking queuing system.

MTS-H Machine Tending System for Harsh Environments

Harsh environment systems for painting and other dispensing applications.

MTS-L Machine Tending for Larger Systems

Turn-key automated tending system for larger applications that require additional component storage or tender reach.